About Us

The hotel was once known as the Bergerac Hotel between 1955-1983.  The property changed hands in 1988  and  after extensive renovations, the name was changed to The Royal Palm Suite Hotel and opened in 1989.

The property has evolved over the years with ongoing  upgrades done to the rooms.  The buildings themselves are from an older era and the layout more resembles a motel type set up.  No attempt has been made to modernize this look as the aim is to maintain the tropical, breezy and stress free environment.


The Plaza area consists of over 25 shops/ restaurants, thus giving the guest a variety of shopping and dining options.

The area is relatively safe to move about and all conveniences are close on hand eg grocery, doctor’s office, dentist, eye specialist, adult store, insurance office, boutiques, pharmacy, meeting rooms, pool, spa and casino.

Posted by Royal Palm Suite Hotel on Tuesday, August 15, 2017